Retrieve Lost USB Drive Data

Restore Lost Data from USB Stick

A USB stick is a data storage device that consist flash memory with a universal serial bus. We use this storage device due to its large memory space in small size. It is also very useful as a removable as well as rewritable device. A USB stick is used for the same purpose in which CD, DVD are used, in addition, it is also efficient to transfer files from one system to another quickly. Day by day, with the improvement of its efficiency the size of the USB stick is increased up to 2 TB. As we are dealing with a huge amount of data, a common problem comes to the scenario. Due to frequent use, files are lost from it in several situations and you may face difficulty going to Retrieve Lost File. After that, to get back lost files from USB stick easily, you must use a third party application.

Though there are so many reasons to lose information from a USB stick, one of the most common mistake is formatting the device unintentionally. Sometimes, when you connect the USB device you may get some warning like “You should format drive X: before use it” or “Do you want to format the drive now?” Then if you accidentally choose “Yes” option, you must lose all information from the stick. You may format the USB storage device unintentionally while trying to format another drive on your system. Then also you will lose all valuable data completely. If you do not have any backup of those lost data, can you get that information back? Yes, it is possible if you use this efficient program to restore files on USB stick. It will recover complete information in some simple steps. You can use this tool to retrieve lost files from SD card in such circumstances.

You may lose files from USB stick due to any interruption at the time of data transfer. An USB storage device is particularly use to transfer data from one computer to another. The transferring process may be interrupted due to abrupt system shutdown, sudden power failure or closing the process forcibly. If you eject the USB stick when data transfer process is going on there is more possibility to lose data. After these cases of data loss, all information remains on the stick but you cannot view them. Therefore, if you use a good utility you will be able to rescue lost data. It is a powerful technique to restore lost Word files, ZIP, PPT and all types of media files from the USB stick.

There are great quantity of other factors like virus infection, extensive rough use of the USB stick, file system corruption, software conflicts, physical damage etc. for which files on USB drive may easily be lost. This USB recovery utility can restore information from inaccessible, corrupted, formatted and reformatted flash drives very easily. It will help you to retrieve all types of popular files from different types of hard drives also. If you lose data from your computer hard drive, you can restore them using unique signature. If you need any help in hard drive file recovery visit the link:

Steps to restore lost files from USB Stick:

Step 1: Download the demo version of the tool and run on your system. On the Main Screen you will see three options for recovery as shown in Fig 1, select the required option for you.

Get Back Lost Files from USB Stick - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After that, you have to select your USB Stick from the Drive Selection Screen as illustrated in Fig 2. Then click on "Next" to start the restoration process.

Get Back Lost Files from USB Stick - Drive Selection Screen

Fig 2: Drive Selection Screen

Step 3: After completion of the recovery, the restored files will be listed in "Data view" or "File Type View" as in Fig 3. Here you can preview those file before saving.

Get Back Lost Files from USB Stick - List of Recovered Files

Fig 3: List of Recovered Files

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