Retrieve Lost Mac OS X File

How to Restore Lost Data on Mac OS X?

Don’t you worry if you found any of your important files missing from your computer?  You copied all your important files from your USB drive to the computer. And sometime after while working on your computer, suddenly your system shuts down.  After some time when you restart the computer, you get a shocker to know that some of your essential files are missing from your Macintosh. All this happened due to the improper system shutdown. If this kind of data loss happens to you ever, don’t lose your hope. As you can retrieve lost data from hard disk of your computer using an efficient Retrieve Lost File software.

Since it is a matter of the files stored on the computer, it is bit difficult to evade the complete data loss. No matter how safe and secure is the file system of Mac OS X, there are some critical times in which most of the Macintosh users lose their important files due to some data loss reasons. In case if any of your  important file is lost, then it is awful, because losing some essential file leads to severe data loss crisis. Suppose if you have lost some files from your Mac and thinking of how to recover lost files on Mac OS X Lion, then here is the best possible way. Restore Lost File tool has made lost or deleted data recovery far simpler than ever before.

Apart from improper system shutdown there are ample of other reasons which lead to loss of files from Mac OS X system. Sometimes, while transferring files from external storage drive to computer, if user abruptly pulls out the external storage drive then it might lead to loss of files. In case, if the lost file is not listed in the Trash Bin folder, then user will have to forfeit his/her important data. If you keep on searching factors for data loss, you will get a lot of reasons like software glitches, user mistakes, improper termination of file transfer process, hardware failure etc. However, Retrieve Lost File tool has a strong inbuilt scanning algorithm which scans the entire hard drive in few minutes and restores lost files in these situations at your fingertips. Moreover, this tool is specially designed to perform recovering files after a factory reset of the laptop.

To overcome data loss in any of these circumstance, it's strongly recommended to have a backup of all your important files stored on Mac OS X. You can even store the backup files in any of the external hard drives or any other USB devices. If you have lost your important information from any USB stick, then also you can perform the restoration process in an effective way. It will revive all information with in few clicks.

In addition to hard drives, this software restores lost files from various storage drives like hard drives, external hard drives, iPods, memory sticks, flash drives, FireWire drives etc.. This tool is compatible with all major versions of both Windows and Mac based computers. Besides Word files, you can also recover lost Excel file.

Simple steps to Retrieve Lost File from Mac OS X PC

Step 1: Download Retrieve Lost File application and install it on your computer and run its first screen as shown in figure I.

Recover Lost Files on Mac OS X - First Screen

Figure I: First Screen

Step 2: Choose the hard drive and click on "Next" option to start the deleted data recovery process as shown in figure II.

Recover Lost Files on Mac OS X - Select Volume

Figure II: Select Volume

Step 3: The list of recovered files will be as shown in figure III.

Recover Lost Files on Mac OS X - List of Retrieved Files

Figure III: List of Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

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