Retrieve Lost File

How to Recover Lost Data from Hard Disk?

Most of the computer users assume that the file stored on the hard drive is safe and secure until and unless user delete the file. However, this is not the case. If you noticed some files missing from hard drive, you will obviously go to recycle bin to get back those files. However, it will be a frustrating experience if you do not find your files even in the recycle bin. The situation becomes ever worse when you realize the absence of backup files. However, losing files doesn’t mean the end of the file’s span. You can restore them. There are numerous data recovery tools available to get back the lost files. Among all, Recover Lost File is the best tool when it comes to restore lost files from the computer hard drive. To know more, click here

Because of the presence of a file system, most of the computer users consider hard drive as a safe and secure place to store their files. Keeping your files in the custody of file systems is good but not entirely safe as long as any uncertainty strikes. When a file system collapses, there is a probability that the files may be lost. However, most of the people consider this loss to be a permanent one and cannot be restored back anymore. Fortunately, you can retrieve lost files from hard drive of various brands by using Retrieve Lost File software.

There are plenty of factors like improper system shutdown, defrag failure, Windows cut and paste command, third party tools, power surge, software conflicts, hardware failure, which might lead in a loss of files from computer hard drive. If you have lost files after factory reset from laptop, then you may thinking that how to retrieve files from factory reset laptop. In such situation, you can take the assistance of this software to restore files after factory reset.

To surmount the data loss in any of the circumstance, it's always good to maintain the backup of all your essential files. A copy of backup will always stay behind you whenever you face the data loss situation. Moreover, it’s strongly recommended to use antivirus software to protect your computer from external attacks like viruses, malware, and spyware. Besides Excel files, you can also recover lost Word document and various other popular file types. To know more details, click here

In any of the above worst-case data loss scenarios, if you end with losing files, no need to worry. Stop using the hard drive from where the file is lost because it might be overwritten by new files. Retrieve Lost File software is developed with strong inbuilt search engine that scans the entire hard drive for such lost files and restores them with the help of unique file signatures. This tool will also restore lost files on Mac OS X and Windows OS based computers.

This tool will restore lost files from various storage devices like external hard drives, iPods, USB drives, memory sticks, flash drives etc. Furthermore, one can use this tool to quite easily get back lost Excel file within few clicks. The advanced "Find" option helps you to search any file from the list of recovered files on the basis of various file attributes.

Steps to retrieve lost files from hard drive of a computer

Step 1: Download and install Retrieve Lost File software on your computer and open its home window as shown in figure a.

Retrieve Lost Files from Hard Drive - Home Window

Figure a: Home Window

Step 2: Choose the partition from the list of logical drives as shown in figure b.

Retrieve Lost Files from Hard Drive - Select Partition

Figure b: Select Partition

Step 3: Lastly, the list of restored files will be as shown in figure c.

Retrieve Lost Files from Hard Drive - List of Recovered Files

Figure c: List of Recovered Files

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