Retrieve Lost Excel File

How to Recover Lost Excel Spreadsheet?

Won`t you lose the sleep if you unexpectedly discover that you have lost an important Excel file from the computer? Microsoft Excel is the most widely used application to create Excel spreadsheets. These files are undoubtedly the most important files for most of the users as they store their valuable data. Needless to say, losing any of your important Excel file will land you in deep trouble. And that’s because preparing a lost Excel file once again can become a big headache. Before you find the reason behind loss of the Excel file, you need to recover the Excel file so that you can put your worst fears to rest. Lost File Recovery tool will help you to come out of such data loss instances.

Most of the computer users generally store their important Excel files on the hard drive of the computer from where they can easily access those files whenever required. However, do you think storing Excel files on these storage drives will really preserve them forever? Like others, Excel files are also prone to loss. What if you don’t find Excel files on an important day? On such an unlucky day, you need to look out for backup. However, what if you don’t have a backup of your important Excel files? In all such data loss circumstances, Retrieve Lost File software will assist you to recover lost files from hard drive.

Sometimes while working on your important Excel file, if your computer suddenly restarts then the chances of losing Excel files are pretty more. In addition, there are numerous reasons such as virus infection, software glitches, user mistakes, or hardware failure that might also result in loss of Excel files from your computer. This tool will also recover lost Word files in few simple mouse clicks. For updated information, visit here

As soon as an Excel file is lost from the computer, it will not be erased completely from the storage drive. Only the index file responsible for the stored Excel file will be removed and storage space is marked as free but the actual stream of data remains intact in the same stored location until it is overwritten with the new files. Unfortunately, such lost files are unreachable to operating system due to the absence of a pointer but Retrieve Lost File software scans the complete storage drive with its inbuilt scanning algorithms and retrieve lost Excel files with the aid of unique file signatures.

In addition to MS Excel spreadsheets, you can recover lost files from storage drives like SATA/IDE/SCSI hard drives, SC/XC/MMC memory cards, FireWire drives, USB drives, iPods etc. It supports lost file recovery on Mac and Windows operating systems. To know more information to restore lost files on Mac PC, click here Moreover, it also facilitates you to save the recovery session in order to avoid rescanning of the storage drive. This tool comes up with the free trial version that helps users to estimate it’s efficiency.

Steps to retrieve lost Excel files from computer

Step 1: Download Retrieve Lost File tool and install it on your Windows/Mac computer and open its first window as shown in figure A.

Retrieve Lost Excel File - First Window

Figure A: First Window

Step 2: Select the partition from the list of logical drives as shown in figure B.

Retrieve Lost Excel File - Select Partition

Figure B: Select Partition

Step 3: The list of restored files will be as shown in figure C.

Retrieve Lost Excel File - List of Restored Files

Figure C: List of Restored Files

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